The School of Positive Transformation

Would you like to help others change their behaviour, their mindset, their whole life for the better? Are you passionate about supporting people in transforming themselves, their families, their communities?

If so, then join The School of Positive Transformation in their Accredited Certificate in Integrative Coaching (ACIC). With over 350 years of combined experience, 14 carefully selectedworld-leading trainers, will introduce you to this exciting profession which, for most of us, is in fact a calling.

The program has been awarded the Accredited Award in Coach Training (AACT) from the world-renowned Association for Coaching (AC). Once you finish the course, you’ll be guided through the process of becoming an accredited coach.

To make it easy for you to become part of this incredible adventure, the course runs entirely online so that you can join from wherever you are around the globe and whenever suits your schedule.