Are all goals created equal? Last week I spoke at the Work 2.0 Conference on Positive Leadership and the impact of applying the science of Positive Psychology at Work. Many of you know I’ve rabbiting on about this for years! [...]


Looking Backwards: Ruminating or Reminiscing?

Looking back? There’s been some interesting research conducted on time perspective by Professor Phillip Zimbardo (some of you might remember him from a fabulous TV series years ago on psychology). Zimbardo’s research has found that people have different approaches to [...]

Looking Backwards: Ruminating or Reminiscing?2021-04-07T04:14:18+10:00

Why “flourishing” is the buzz-word right now…

What is Flourishing? In positive psychology, to flourish is “to live within an optimal range of human functioning, one that connotes goodness, generativity, growth, and resilience”. Flourishing is the opposite of both pathology and languishing, which are described as living a life that feels both hollow [...]

Why “flourishing” is the buzz-word right now…2021-04-07T04:24:38+10:00

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