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  • We've bundled three of our best-sellers together as a perfect pack of positivity! Our bundle includes: •  1 x Character Strengths Cards boxed set •. 1 x beautiful leather Positivity Journal •  1 x copy of The Positivity Prescription by Dr Suzy Green $99.00 (+GST)
  • Each of us is motivated to move our lives in certain directions. That motivation can be largely determined by the values we hold and the goals we set. Our values are what we hold dearly, the important truths and guiding principles about our life and the work that we do. Our goals are ideally informed by and aligned to our values. These types of goals are referred to as “authentic goals” and have shown to be highly correlated with goal attainment and associated psychological wellbeing. Most people can’t tell you their top 5 values. They’ve never stopped to take the time to reflect on what’s important to them. Some people may have a sense of what they are, implicitly, but fail to make their values explicit or conscious in terms of the decisions and actions they’re taking on an everyday basis and in creating a flourishing life. Research tells us that when we truly live our values, we experience higher levels of wellbeing. This first means taking time to identify and endorse our values which this set of cards will certainly help you do. Secondly though and possibly the harder task is in acting on our values. Learn about your values with The Positivity Institute's NEW Values Cards packs!
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  • Wellbeing Coaching with The Positivity Institute is a proactive and bespoke individual coaching program, delivered virtually that aims to boost wellbeing and vitality. Our coaches work with individuals to identify wellbeing goals and actions, to experience a positive uplift of wellbeing within a 3-month period. Contact us and learn more about our packages and how we can tailor these to your specific needs.  

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  • AU$30 | $50 | $100 (+GST)*

    Not sure what to give your loved ones this year but want to spread joy and positivity? Why not let them decide with our Positivity Institute Gift Cards! Whether it be a set of Values Cards to discover what brings meaning, a journal for exploring goals or our digital wellbeing program Potential+ to help create a flourishing life, they are sure to love this gift.

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  • AU$35.00 (+GST)

    Life's too short to languish!

    A 6-week wellbeing program based on the science of Positive Psychology The Positivity Prescription is written by one of Australia’s leading Positive Psychologists, Dr Suzy Green, D.Psych (Clin) MAPS, Founder and CEO of The Positivity Institute – a positively deviant organisation dedicated to the research and application of Positive Psychology for life, school and work. Over the last 20 years, Dr Suzy Green has studied what it takes to be mentally and emotionally well. Having shared her knowledge with thousands of clients in Australia and globally, Dr Suzy Green now takes this life-changing information to a broader audience with The Positivity Prescription.

    “We can’t continue to be reactive and seek help only after the curve ball hits.”

    “The research shows a proactive approach to mental health not only improves mental wellbeing but enhances personal growth and productivity. It helps prepare you for life’s stresses, ultimately saving time and money on mental health services in the future. Whilst there are many psychology books available on the market, they tend to focus on just one aspect of mental health, such as mindfulness or mindset.”

    “The Positivity Prescription brings together six key psychological capabilities under one framework in a user friendly way to help boost mood and productivity.”

    ~ Dr Suzy Green

    In her latest book, Dr Suzy Green distils the key principles behind Positive Psychology and outlines a six-week program that will allow you to create transformational and sustainable change to become your best possible self. While an abundance of books on happiness exist, The Positivity Prescription sorts the wheat from the chaff and includes 20 evidence-based Positivity Practices that will boost your mood and help you live your best life. Why you’ll love The Positivity Prescription:
    • The Positivity Prescription is a simple, mood-boosting program based on the science of Positive Psychology.
    • Over six weeks, you’ll test-drive practical tools and techniques proven to improve psychological wellbeing.
    • You’ll discover yourself thriving and flourishing, at last!
    It doesn't matter if you're 18 or 80, if you're not feeling like your "best possible self" then this book is your ready-made roadmap to a flourishing life – where positivity overrides negativity and well-being trumps depression.
    Watch Dr Suzy Green's book launch, held Monday 11 May 2020.
  • If you missed the COACH+ Workplace Coaching Summit 2023, or want to relieve your favourite sessions, recordings are now all available for download. You can access these by scrolling to view all 6 recording options below and make your cart selection. Single: AU$25 each (+GST) | Select all 6: AU$99 (+ GST). PLEASE NOTE: Upon purchase, you will receive an automated email with your relevant downloads. Presentations in this series include:
    • #01: Current State of Play: Coaching Psychology
    • #02: Strength-Based Coaching in Organisations with Dr Aylin Dulagil
    • #03: The Psychology of Achievement with Dr John Franklin
    • #04: Coaching for Complexity with Dr Louise Kovacs 
    • #05: Health Activation in the Workplace with Dr Gordon Spence 
    • Panel #01: Coaching in the Workplace: An Inside Perspective
    • All 5 keynotes + Panel


    Speaker: Dr Sean O'Connor

    Recorded: Tuesday 17th October 2023 Duration: 36 minutes              


    Speaker: Dr Aylin Dulagil

    Recorded: Tuesday 17th October 2023 Duration: 27 minutes              


    Speaker: Dr John Franklin

    Recorded: Tuesday 17th October 2023 Duration: 24 minutes              


    Speaker: Dr Louise Kovacs

    Recorded: Tuesday 17th October 2023 Duration: 31 minutes              


    Speaker: Dr Gordon Spence

    Recorded: Tuesday 17th October 2023 Duration: 27 minutes              


    Speakers: Mel Barker; Starlight Children's Foundation, Angela Ewers; ARN Media, Danielle Riley; CMC Markets

    Recorded: Tuesday 17th October 2023 Duration: 27 minutes                
    Please note: Any reproduction, retransmission, republication or other use of all or part of these presentations or its associated material is expressly prohibited under current copyright legislation. If you wish to use these recordings other than for individual use, please contact contact The Positivity Institute. Thank you.

  • RESILIENCE+ Webinar Series

    Acknowledging National Mental Health Month, the first two webinars of the series Scientific Survival Strategies and Mental Toughness Training are available FREE for the month of October. You can access these by scrolling to view all 12 webinars where you can add #1 Scientific Survival Strategies & #2 Mental Toughness Training to your cart and checkout for free. Single: AU$50 each (+GST) Free during October 2022 | Select any 6: AU$150 (+ GST) | Watch all 12: AU $250 (+ GST) To support our members through COVID times, The Positivity Institute hosted weekly 'lockdown lunch-n-learn' webinars in the months of April, May and June. Each webinar in May was facilitated by our Founder & CEO, Dr Suzy Green and during May and June each webinar was hosted by a PI Associate. These webinars are for individual use only. Any reproduction, retransmission, republication or other use of all or part of these presentations or its associated material is expressly prohibited under current copyright legislation. Anyone wishing to use the webinars other than for individuals use, will need to contact The Positivity Institute. Webinars in this series include the following topics:
    • Webinar #01: Scientific Survival Strategies
    • Webinar #02: Mental Toughness Training
    • Webinar #03: Powering Up Positivity
    • Webinar #04: Strengths as Superpowers
    • Webinar #05: Psychological Flexibility: An Introduction to the ACT Matrix
    • Webinar #06: Putting Performance Strengths to Work
    • Webinar #07: Mindfulness – The Foundation of Flourishing
    • Webinar #08: Emotional Intelligence in Turbulent Times
    • Webinar #09: Positive Parenting
    • Webinar #10: Positive Leadership Through the COVID Crisis
    • Webinar #11: Self-Care: So much more than pampering. It’s a strategy for thriving!
    • Webinar #12: The Power of Positive Exercise for Peak Performance

    Webinar #01: Scientific Survival Strategies

    Wednesday 8th April 2020 This webinar is now recorded and is available for purchase. Duration: 46 minutes The science of psychology provides us with a number of scientific strategies to help us survive and thrive. In the past, these skills were not taught or learnt until a serious event or challenge occurs, and we then seek professional psychological assistance to cope.  Some people are fortunate enough to have learned these performance psychology skills for sports or leadership, for example. This webinar will:
    • Provide an overview of 6 key psychological survival skills.
    • Focus in on 3 key skills you can apply right now to reduce stress and anxiety.
    • Assist you in identifying at least one key scientific skill to further develop as part of your COVID survival strategy.

    Webinar #02: Mental Toughness Training

    Wednesday 15th April 2020 This webinar is now recorded and is available for purchase. Duration: 50 minutes Mental Toughness (MT) is a scientific construct based on the 4C Model: Challenge, Control, Confidence and Commitment. Research has shown MT helps people cope with adversity and stress. MT has also been strongly linked with academic excellence, sporting outcomes and higher levels of wellbeing. This webinar will:
    • Provide an overview of the 4C Model of Mental Toughness.
    • Identify 5 key MT skills.
    • Assist you in creating a MT Training Plan.

    Webinar #03: Powering Up Positivity

    Wednesday 22nd April 2020 This webinar is now recorded and is available for purchase. Duration: 48 minutes Positivity is more than a big yellow, smiley face. Research has shown that experiencing positive emotions doesn’t just feel good but helps us to function better, particularly in turbulent times. Positive emotions such as joy, love and gratitude can act as a buffer against negative emotions such as fear and sadness. This webinar will:
    • Provide a scientific rationale for why positivity is more important than ever right now.
    • Introduce you to 3 key positive psychology interventions proven to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing.
    • Provide practical tips to maintain your mood and mental health.

    Webinar #04: Strengths as Superpowers

    Wednesday 29th April 2020 This webinar is now recorded and is available for purchase. Duration: 52 minutes Most of us have heard the adage “play to your strengths”. Now more than ever, we need to know what our strengths are, how to leverage them, and how to develop our “lesser strengths”. This webinar will:
    • Introduce you to the psychological science of Character Strengths.
    • Provide an overview of the research of strengths and resilience.
    • Provide practical tips on key character strengths to leverage and develop.

    Webinar #05: Psychological Flexibility: An Introduction to the ACT Matrix

    Wednesday 6th May 2020 This webinar is now recorded and is available for purchase. Duration: 48 minutes Life is full of challenges, some you choose and some choose you. PF is a learnable skill to help you meet all challenges more effectively. Research shows that people who develop PF improve performance at work, in sport and also enjoy higher levels of well-being. Especially recommended for overcoming procrastination and taking a more proactive approach to living a life that’s true to yourself. This webinar will:
    • Introduce a simple model for building psychological flexibility, the ACT Matrix.
    • Help reveal personal motivations that drive you forward, and inner resistance that holds you back.
    • Identify a strategy for doing more of what’s personally important and challenging.
    With your PI Associate: [table id=7 /]  

    Webinar #06: Putting Performance Strengths to Work

    Wednesday 13th May 2020 This webinar is now recorded and is available for purchase. Duration: 41 minutes Your strengths are a resource you can leverage to build your resilience and perform at your best in times of change. We each have a unique combination of strengths, yet few can identify them or know how to use them effectively. When people discover their unique strengths and learn how to apply them, they are more engaged and productive at work, and are happier and healthier. Gallup’s research shows that your greatest chance of success comes from focusing on your strengths to optimise your performance and wellbeing. This webinar will:
    • Introduce you to Gallup’s strengths-based approach to performance development with evidence on the links to engagement, productivity and wellbeing.
    • Describe Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessment and its application to coaching, leadership, personal and team development.
    • Provide practical ways to develop your strengths for improved performance and resilience.
    With your PI Associate: [table id=8 /]  

    Webinar #07: Mindfulness – The Foundation of Flourishing

    Wednesday 20th May 2020 This webinar is now recorded and is available for purchase. Duration: 46 minutes Mindfulness is not about calming the mind, rather it is being able to pay attention to what is happening in the present moment, with curiosity and without judgement. Research has shown that practising mindfulness has a range of positive benefits for our physical and mental health, including helping us to deal with stress. This webinar will:
    • Provide an introduction to mindfulness and mindfulness-based stress reduction.
    • Give you an opportunity to experience different mindfulness exercises.
    • Suggest strategies for finding time to practice.
    With your PI Associate: [table id=9 /]  

    Webinar #08: Emotional Intelligence in Turbulent Times

    Wednesday 27th May 2020 This webinar is now recorded and is available for purchase. Duration: 49 minutes Through observation we can deepen our understanding of what emotions tell us about our values, beliefs and the things we find meaningful. Owning our emotions, learning from them and positively detaching from them enables us to build new positive behaviours and healthy wellbeing habits. This webinar will:
    • Introduce you to the science of emotional intelligence and the abilities you can develop.
    • Provide practical tools to help you observe, learn from and move on from emotions in order to build wellbeing.
    • Deepen your understanding of the relationship between emotional intelligence and mindfulness.
    With your PI Associate: [table id=10 /]  

    Webinar #09: Positive Parenting

    Thursday 4th June 2020 This webinar is now recorded and is available for purchase. Duration: 47 minutes Parenting is amazing, rewarding, complex and sometimes down-right difficult. We all want our children to be happy, healthy, resilient and competent but they didn’t arrive with a user’s guide! Whatever your child’s age or stage, strategies and evidence for positive ways to parent can be found in the science of wellbeing and the art of behaviour guidance. This webinar will:
    • Introduce parents to the underlying basic psychological needs that we all share and that drives children’s learning and behavior.
    • Share practical and immediate strategies that parents can use to support children (and themselves).
    • Provide reassurance and support to make positive parenting possible.
    With your PI Associate: [table id=12 /]  

    Webinar #10: Positive Leadership Through the COVID Crisis

    Thursday 11th June 2020 This webinar is now recorded and available for purchase. Duration: 44 minutes Leading through a time of crisis can take its toll on any leader, no matter how resilient you may be. This webinar explores the best ways to lead in a crisis, in a world full of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. As a leader, discover the best ways to:
    • Stay resilient for the long haul of constant change being caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Plan and make decisions in times of uncertainty and ambiguity.
    • Lead your team through volatile change.
    • Stay mentally agile and adaptive to the changes ahead.
    The webinar will introduce you to the latest research on positive leadership when faced with a crisis and examples of successful change that leaders have introduced to address the impact of COVID-19. This will be an interactive session where you will have the opportunity to ask questions, share ideas and walk away with a set of positive leadership tools that you can apply to your own work situation. Psychologist and Senior Associate with The Positivity Institute will share case studies and examples through his own research and recent work with leaders who are making changes to ensure success for their organisations and teams during the COVID-19 crisis. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis Paul has been working as a coach for leaders and their teams, supporting them through these VUCA times. Paul works across all the three levels of government: federal, state and local council, as well as working with leaders of global firms, national companies and local businesses, helping them through the recent stages of change driven by COVID-19. With your PI Associate: [table id=13 /]  

    Webinar #11: Self-Care: So much more than pampering. It’s a strategy for thriving!

    Thursday 18th June 2020 This webinar is now recorded and available for purchase. Duration: 58 minutes You are no good to anyone if you’re not well yourself but a busy life of challenge and responsibility often sees us prioritise everything else ahead of ourselves. When we discard notions of self-care as pampering and indulgence and reframe it as an opportunity to live our best life, serving others and thriving, our obstacles and objections to self-care fall away. We’re free to focus on the simple steps to living life with less stress and greater meaning. In this webinar we will:
    • Explore self-care as a tool for coping, resilience and personal growth.
    • Consider how self-care overlaps with positive psychology and living a thriving life.
    • Discover a comprehensive model for integrating self-care into every day.
    With your PI Associate: [table id=14 /]  

    Webinar #12: The Power of Positive Exercise for Peak Performance

    Thursday 25th June 2020 This webinar is now recorded and available for purchase. Duration: 43 minutes During COVID-19 we have been encouraged by the Government to continue exercising safely in order to build and boost our wellbeing levels. When people engage in regular and enjoyable physical activity and exercise they can experience an increase in positive emotions, set and strive for meaningful goal attainment, cultivate deeper connections and experience optimal human functioning and flourishing. This webinar will:
    • Explore the philosophy, physiology and psychology of exercise.
    • Describe how exercise can enhance flow states and other positive psychology principles.
    • Provide practical ways to overcome common barriers to making the habit of exercise stick and learn how to make exercise one of your most valued positivity practices.
    With your PI Associate: [table id=15 /]
    NOTE: Upon the purchase of each individual webinar or webinar package, you will receive an email with the page link/s and password/s.

  • AU$960 (+GST) Online accreditation only
    AU$1360 (+GST) Online accreditation + one hour virtual debrief
    Become a licensed user of the MTQ Outcomes of program:
    • Understand Mental Toughness and its implications or performancebehaviour and wellbeing.
    • Be confident about using the MTQ measures with individuals and organisations in handling feedback.
    • Understand its wide range of applications – in education, the workplace, social settings, health, etc.
    • Understand how Mental Toughness can help individuals to deal with stresspressure and challenge.
    • Understand how the measure can help to develop individual and organisational performance.
    The course provides 11 hours of online training in 22 separate modules and also features the additional resources:
    • “Developing Mental Toughness” Book Sample Read.
    • MTQ User Manual.
    • MTQ Technical Manual.
    • The Mental Toughness Licensed User Training Programme Recommended Reading List.
    • Sample Feedback Report.
    The course also includes an MTQPlus assessment for the participant plus two practice measures.  Following the online course, we are also offering an additional optional one hour virtual debrief with Aylin Dulagil, Senior PI Associate, Organisational and Coaching Psychologist for AU$400 (+GST). CPD: 8 points Watch Doug Strycharczyk, CEO of AQR International explain What it means to be a Mental Toughness Practitioner.
  • Mental Toughness Development Toolkit
    The Positivity Institute has partnered with AQR International to bring you a development resource in the form of Mental Toughness Development Toolkit. This toolkit contains an array of experiential exercises which can be run in classrooms, offices, training rooms with individuals and/or small and large groups. Please find a coaching exercise sample here.
    AU$800 (+GST)

    The Mental Toughness Development Toolkit

    The Mental Toughness Development Toolkit is an array of experiential exercises which can be run in classrooms, offices, training rooms with individuals and/or small and large groups. This flexible toolkit of exercises can be adapted or applied in a variety of ways. The exercises fall into three main groups:
    • Short: typically 10-15 minute exercises which are easily integrated into an activity. These will normally be run at the start of an activity, making a point which is of value in the remainder of the training (and indeed other training sessions too).
    • Longer: 40-60 minute exercises which will typically focus on a particular learning point.
    • Multi-Session Exercises: typically two or three sessions which require some element of self-development. These are often capable of integration with the main training.

  • Mental toughness curriculum for 14-16 year olds

    The go-to evidence-based curriculum that builds student resilience, achievement and wellbeing (RAW) The curriculum was created by Senior PI Associate, Daniela Falecki and CEO of The Positivity Institute, Dr Suzy Green – a positive collaboration! Read Daniela Falecki's article Do our students need to be more mentally tough? (school-news.com.au, Term 1, 2019). View a sample of the Teacher Manual The program consists of:
    • Teacher Manual – complete with 21 lessons (7 units with 3 x 50 minute lessons) and teacher instructions
    • Student Workbook – complete with lesson-by-lesson worksheets
    Each are available as downloadable files. Pay a yearly licence fee for downloadable versions of Teacher and Student Manuals – $900 (+GST) for the first year and $500 (+GST) for subsequent years. As well as being available as a downloadable pdf, the hard copy resources are available to purchase on Booktopia: Whilst the concept of Mental Toughness and the construct of the 4C's is used extensively in sports and increasingly in the corporate sector, opportunities abound for applications in educational settings. If you would like any published scientific papers or case studies of application in educational settings, please email us.

    GMTT Curriculum half-day Professional Development Workshop

    We highly recommend undertaking our half-day professional development workshop for schools that are planning on implementing the program and who haven’t undertaken any mental toughness training.

    This workshop would not only support facilitation of the program but also provide opportunity for teachers to develop or enhance their own mental toughness (i.e. learn it, live it, teach it, embed it).

    Half-day virtual professional development workshop (2 x 90 minute sessions) (maximum 30 participants) – $3,000.00 (+GST).

    Download the Growing Mentally Tough Teens Curriculum Training Day Outline here.

    Email us today to chat about the GMTT Curriculum Training Day: info@thepositivityinstitute.com.au

  • Co-Edited by Dr Suzy Green, this research-to-practice text explores how coaching can support thriving in the workplace. It focuses on positive psychology coaching in the workplace in relation to: the convergence with organisational psychology and coaching psychology, professional and ethical practices, resilience and wellbeing, team and systemic approaches, leadership, tools of intervention, convergence of clinical interventions and virtuousness, and the future of thriving workplaces. The chapter contributions represent a truly international scholarship and bring together complementary perspectives from the fields of positive psychology, coaching psychology, organisational psychology, organisational scholarship, neuroscience, education and philosophy. Written in a scholarly but accessible style, this text is of interest to a wide readership, including academics, professionals and postgraduate students of positive psychology, organisational psychology, counselling and coaching psychology, human resource management, mental health, health and social welfare. "Smith, Boniwell and Green have brought together an outstanding collection of thought leaders from the field of positive psychology coaching to craft an in-depth exploration of the contribution positive psychology can make to delivering transformation change through coaching conversations. A fascinating read, full of evidence and insight". - Jonathan Passmore Professor of Coaching & Behavioural Change Director Henley Centre for Coaching, Henley Business School
  • Co-Edited by Dr Suzy Green, this text is essential reading for professional coaches in practice, practitioners, academics and students of positive psychology seeking to enhance their evidence-based practice.
  • The Positivity Institute Character Strength Card set is comprised of 24 character strengths that fall under six broad virtue categories: wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance and transcendence. In the early 2000s, scientists began to study character. A 3-year project in the USA involving 55 distinguished scientists devoted to studying character traits throughout history was launched. This resulted in the VIA Classification of character strengths and virtues (Peterson & Seligman, 2004), a classification of positive traits in human beings. The VIA Classification of Character Strengths is comprised of 24 character strengths that fall under six broad virtue categories: wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance and transcendence. Character strengths are morally and universally valued, encompass our capacities for helping ourselves and others and produce positive effects when we express them. Knowing your constellation of character strengths is the first step towards living a happier, more authentic life. The VIA classification and survey is used extensively in schools, workplaces and in therapy/coaching. To learn more or take the free Character Strength Survey go to www.viacharacter.org

    © Copyright 2004-2022, VIA Institute on Character. All Rights Reserved. Used with Permission.www.viacharacter.org

    AU$50.00 (+GST) We offer discounts for bulk purchases (more than six packs):
    • 6–10 packs 5% discount
    • 11–20 packs 10% discount
    • 21–30 packs  20% discount
    • 31–50 packs 30% discount
    • 51 or more packs 50% discount
    Please email us on info@thepositivityinstitute.com.au for bulk order discounts
  • The Positivity Journal is the perfect tool to help you create a flourishing life.  It can be used as a therapeutic journal to track thoughts and emotions, as a gratitude journal to help you gain a greater appreciation for all the good in your life or as a goals journal to help you clarify both longer term and shorter term goals!

    Our Positivity Journal was created in collaboration with Corban & Blair, leading Australian designers and manufacturers of quality leather stationary products. Enjoy! AU$30.00 (+GST)

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