Harnessing Wellbeing Science for Psychological Practice.

The NSW APS Central Coast Branch is pleased to announce that we will be offering our first in-person event for 2024: Promoting Positivity: Harnessing Wellbeing Science for Psychological Practice by renowned positive and coaching psychologist, author and speaker,  Dr Suzy Green.

Please join us at the Entrance Surf Life Saving Club for an enjoyable day of learning followed by a component of self-care with senior Yoga instructor Beth Johnston. Beth will lead a 45-minute session incorporating yoga and breathwork practice.

This event will be catered and is an opportunity for us to not only receive invaluable professional development with Dr Suzy Green but will allow us to practice what we preach and engage in self-care whilst networking with other APS members and colleagues here on the Central Coast.

While psychologists have long played a crucial role in mental health promotion, the focus within clinical and counselling settings has traditionally leaned toward treatment. However, the emergence of wellbeing science and a growing community interest in preventing mental illness and fostering positive mental health underscore the need for psychologists to integrate foundational knowledge in this field. In this enlightening session, Dr. Suzy Green, a prominent figure in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, will provide a comprehensive overview and update on wellbeing science. She will delineate proven strategies and highlight areas awaiting further validation. Through compelling examples, Dr. Green will demonstrate how wellbeing science can be effectively applied in clinical, counselling, and coaching psychological practices. Furthermore, she will emphasize the ‘learn it, live it, teach it’ approach, essential for supporting psychologists in nurturing their own mental health and wellbeing.

Light refreshments to be provided

Learning Outcomes

1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the foundational principles and empirical evidence underlying wellbeing science, elucidating its relevance and application within psychological practice

2. Acquire practical knowledge and skills for integrating wellbeing science into clinical, counselling, and coaching psychological approaches, fostering a more holistic and proactive approach to mental health promotion.

3. Identify evidence-based strategies from wellbeing science that can be effectively utilised to prevent mental ill-health and enhance positive mental health outcomes in diverse client populations

4. Explore real-world case examples illustrating the successful implementation of wellbeing science within psychological practice, enabling participants to grasp its practical implications and potential impact.

5. Develop a personalised action plan utilising the “learn it, live it, teach it” approach, aimed at enhancing participants’ own mental health and wellbeing while equipping them to effectively integrate wellbeing science into their professional practice.

APS member $65.00
APS student $35.00
Non APS member $90.00

Registrations close:
11:59pm AEST, Thursday 6 June 2024

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