Each of us is motivated to move our lives in certain directions. That motivation can be largely determined by the values we hold and the goals we set. Our values are what we hold dearly, the important truths and guiding principles about our life and the work that we do. Our goals are ideally informed by and aligned to our values. These types of goals are referred to as “authentic goals” and have shown to be highly correlated with goal attainment and associated psychological wellbeing.

Most people can’t tell you their top 5 values. They’ve never stopped to take the time to reflect on what’s important to them. Some people may have a sense of what they are, implicitly, but fail to make their values explicit or conscious in terms of the decisions and actions they’re taking on an everyday basis and in creating a flourishing life.

Research tells us that when we truly live our values, we experience higher levels of wellbeing. This first means taking time to identify and endorse our values which this set of cards will certainly help you do. Secondly though and possibly the harder task is in acting on our values.

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