The Positivity Prescription Course BUNDLE


For a limited time only enjoy The Positivity Prescription Course ‘Last Hurrah Bundle’ for only $199 (+GST)

The bundle includes:

• 1 x The Positivity Prescription Online Course (content accessible till 31st December, 2021)
• 1 x beautiful leather Positivity Journal
• 1 x The Positivity Prescription by Dr Suzy Green

Some information on The Positivity Prescription?

The Positivity Prescription is based on Suzy’s 6M Model of Flourishing (Green, 2018). Based on research and practice, Suzy has identified six core psychological skills needed to create a flourishing life. Each of the six core modules targets one of the M’s: Mood, Motivation, Might, Meaning, Mindfulness and Mindset.

The Positivity Prescription is an online Positive Psychology program consisting of six core modules, together with a welcome module and a conclusion module, designed to help you create a flourishing life. In this keep forever course, you’ll receive 8 modules that include a video, Action Sheets and Resource Sheets. Each module will require you to READ, WATCH and DO for maximum impact and sustainable change.


Hear from previous students:

I thoroughly recommend Dr Suzy Green and her PI’s team Positivity Prescription. The 8-week online course manages to condense the broad and wonderful field of positive psychology into bite size, practical, applicable gems. As an online course, it offers an extremely work and family friendly flexible delivery mode. The platform used, Teachable, enables you to retain all your class notes and information in one easy to access space that you can endlessly revisit even after the course is over. While the course is worth it alone for the Action Sheets and Resources you get each week, the standout feature of the course for me was the close interaction with Dr Suzy and her team – Dr Suzy gives you incredible access to her years and years of study and work experience; she has a genuine interest in your questions and passions and actively seeks out ways she can help, share information, and stimulate positive change in your life. An added bonus is the opportunity to network and learn from a broad, diverse class cohort.

~ GAYE RUTHERFORD, Sports Dietitian and Business Director, Class of 2018


I enrolled in the Positivity Prescription Class in 2019 because as Lead Teacher in Positive Education I found it really useful to revisit the material offered on the course to continue fostering my own Flourishing Life, nurture my colleagues, the trainee teachers I mentor and the children I teach. It is manageable for even the busiest person, the material is easy to follow and read, the webinars are interesting and with a diverse bunch of people. It has helped me continue to develop and show gratitude, to help me use my character strengths, embrace job crafting to ensure a fulfilling career, and model to those around me a growth mindset.  

~ MARY MCHUGH, Primary School Teacher, Class of 2019


I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for the opportunity of participating in The Positivity Prescription online course. I found the content perfectly matched and complimented my strong relationship with coaching individuals to grow their best-self. The online learning structure was simple to navigate, the ideas easy to implement into my work practices, and the design beautifully motivating to soak up the knowledge on a personal level.

Equally, the Live in the Lab weekly online sessions were a ‘not to be missed’ experience and really were the icing on the cake. It gave us an opportunity to connect and share ideas that always brought about insight, clarity and many ‘light bulb’ moments that remain ignited today. I am extremely grateful for the conversation in this course as it is where I feel most at home, engaged and energised.

~ JULIE DONNELL, Class of 2020



For a limited time only enjoy The Positivity Prescription Course ‘Last Hurrah Bundle’ for only $199 (+GST)

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