MTQPlus Licensed User Online Training


AU$960 (+GST) Online accreditation only
AU$1360 (+GST) Online accreditation + one hour virtual debrief

Become a licensed user of the MTQ

Outcomes of program:

  • Understand Mental Toughness and its implications or performancebehaviour and wellbeing.
  • Be confident about using the MTQ measures with individuals and organisations in handling feedback.
  • Understand its wide range of applications – in education, the workplace, social settings, health, etc.
  • Understand how Mental Toughness can help individuals to deal with stresspressure and challenge.
  • Understand how the measure can help to develop individual and organisational performance.

The course provides 11 hours of online training in 22 separate modules and also features the additional resources:

  • “Developing Mental Toughness” Book Sample Read.
  • MTQ User Manual.
  • MTQ Technical Manual.
  • The Mental Toughness Licensed User Training Programme Recommended Reading List.
  • Sample Feedback Report.

The course also includes an MTQPlus assessment for the participant plus two practice measures.  Following the online course, we are also offering an additional optional one hour virtual debrief with Aylin Dulagil, Senior PI Associate, Organisational and Coaching Psychologist for AU$400 (+GST).

CPD: 8 points

Watch Doug Strycharczyk, CEO of AQR International explain What it means to be a Mental Toughness Practitioner.


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The Positivity Institute has partnered with AQR International to present the MTQ Licensed User Training Online program for the Mental Toughness Suite of questionnaires.

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