Growing Mentally Tough Teens Program


Mental toughness curriculum for 14-16 year olds

The go-to evidence-based curriculum that builds student resilience, achievement and wellbeing (RAW)

The curriculum was created by Senior PI Associate, Daniela Falecki and CEO of The Positivity Institute, Dr Suzy Green – a positive collaboration!

Read Daniela Falecki’s article Do our students need to be more mentally tough? (, Term 1, 2019).

View a sample of the Teacher Manual

The program consists of:

  • Teacher Manual – complete with 21 lessons (7 units with 3 x 50 minute lessons) and teacher instructions
  • Student Workbook – complete with lesson-by-lesson worksheets

Each are available as downloadable files. Pay a yearly licence fee for downloadable versions of Teacher and Student Manuals – $900 (+GST) for the first year and $500 (+GST) for subsequent years.

As well as being available as a downloadable pdf, the hard copy resources are available to purchase on Booktopia:

Whilst the concept of Mental Toughness and the construct of the 4C’s is used extensively in sports and increasingly in the corporate sector, opportunities abound for applications in educational settings. If you would like any published scientific papers or case studies of application in educational settings, please email us.

GMTT Curriculum half-day Professional Development Workshop

We highly recommend undertaking our half-day professional development workshop for schools that are planning on implementing the program and who haven’t undertaken any mental toughness training.

This workshop would not only support facilitation of the program but also provide opportunity for teachers to develop or enhance their own mental toughness (i.e. learn it, live it, teach it, embed it).

Half-day virtual professional development workshop (2 x 90 minute sessions) (maximum 30 participants) – $3,000.00 (+GST).

Download the Growing Mentally Tough Teens Curriculum Training Day Outline here.

Email us today to chat about the GMTT Curriculum Training Day:




Created by Senior PI Assoc. Daniela Falecki and CEO of The Positivity Institute, Dr Suzy Green. Our GMTT curriculum assists in developing mental toughness in students 14-16 year olds.

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Teacher and Student Manuals (Download)

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