Dr Suzy Green has extensive media experience in television, radio and print.


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Dr Suzy Green on Sunrise

– August 2021

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Podcasts and Appearances

The Positivity Prescription with Dr Suzy Green

This podcast series is based on Dr Suzy Green’s 6M Model of Flourishing – six core psychological capabilities that decades of research suggest are essential to creating a flourishing life – mood, motivation, might, meaning, mindfulness and mindset. Join Suzy as she speaks with experts from around the globe as they share their experiences and insights, together with practical strategies to proactively improve your mental health and wellbeing.

Latest Episode

Latest Podcast Appearances

Dr Suzy Green & Mark Bouris on The Mentor

Dr Suzy Green is the CEO and founder of The Positivity Institute which is dedicated to improving wellbeing in the workplace. Early in her career, she worked for many years with people who were very psychiatrically unwell, before taking the science and psychology of wellbeing out to the public through The Positivity Institute.

The Positivity Institute has helped many businesses and employers develop the muscle that is our mental wellbeing. Dr Suzy Green and Mark discuss finding your “golden mean” and how to achieve it, resilience and mental toughness and how to create a positive work culture.

Dr Suzy Green & Cass Dunn on Crappy to Happy

Dr Suzy Green joined Cass Dunn on her podcast ‘Crappy to Happy’ to talk about the power of positive psychology to cultivate resilience, deal with life’s challenges and to fulfil your potential. At a time when we’re experiencing global crises, unprecedented changes to the way we live our lives, and ongoing uncertainty about the future, Suzy shares the science of positive psychology and the tools we can all use to help us manage our mood, motivation and mindset.

Beyond the Crucible with Warrick Fairfax
Dr Suzy Green: The Power of Positive Psychology

Warrick Fairfax interviews Dr Suzy Green to understand what science has to say about learning the lessons of a crucible experience – from reframing what happened to embrace forgiveness – can be an overlooked key to moving past the pain and toward healing and significance.

Brand Ambassador

Suzy has appeared regularly on Channel 7’s Sunrise; Channel 9’s  The Morning Show and Channel 10’s The Project.
She was also the resident ‘Stress-Less Expert’ for Australian Women’s Health magazines for eight years.
Suzy has provided expertise in numerous media campaigns including the following companies

Starlight Ambassador

Suzy is extremely proud to be a Starlight Ambassador