2021 Positive Psychology Practitioner Certificate

The School of Positive Transformation: Transformation in action

This is a 12 month on-line rolling course, and you can start in any month. The course is made-up of 12 modules and to graduate, you need to complete all 12.

The Positive Psychology Practitioner Certificate (PPPC) offers you an innovative and ground-breaking online positive psychology course, taught by world-leading positive psychologists.

Would you like to positively transform your life and the lives of others? If so, then join us for this unique, ground-breaking, Positive Psychology Practitioner Certificate (PPPC). Positive Psychology is a life-changing science and we are the only course in which you will experience this transformative science under the guidance of the best in the field.

We have chosen the most exciting topics in positive psychology: positive relationships, positive emotions, love, positive mindfulness, positive organizations, the science of happiness, positive education, positive coaching, meaning and purpose, the power of strengths, everyday heroes, positive health, and altruism.

To teach these inspiring topics, we have carefully selected the most influential and exciting teachers within each area of positive psychology, creating an unparalleled list of world-leaders in this field. These teachers are also leading scientists in positive psychology, making the course both research-based and cutting-edge. To make it easier for you to be part of this incredible adventure, the course runs entirely online so that you can join us from wherever you are around the globe.

Download the syllabus and read more about getting your PPP Certificate here

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