Join Dr Suzy Green’s POTENTIAL+: LIVE Masterclass of 2022 to explore and expand your personal & professional wellbeing.

Dr Suzy Green, world-leading Positive Psychology Coaching Psychologist, is facilitating the POTENTIAL+ LIVE Masterclass series of 2022 and will be unpacking her hugely successful digital personal and professional wellbeing program, POTENTIAL+ founded on her 6M Model of Wellbeing and Peak Performance.

POTENTIAL+ is based on Positive Psychology – the science of optimal human functioning. It’s aimed at helping you realise your potential, be your best self and live your best life, one filled with purpose, positivity and enhanced levels of performance.

Learn and apply the science of wellbeing using an evidence-based coaching approach, and by participating in the live virtual learning environment, you’ll be engaging exclusively & directly with Dr Suzy Green. Joining this Masterclass series gains you access to a 12-month subscription to the POTENTIAL+ platform including all its resources, additionally you will be guided through the program with Dr Suzy, live and interactive over 8-weeks worth of virtual workshopping.

This course is not only for individual wellbeing enhancement, it is also ideal for use in workplaces, for teams, and leaders, to help explore and implement wellbeing literacy as a workplace language and culture. This is a perfect opportunity for those in HR or L&D positions looking for opportunities to introduce or increase wellbeing in the workplace.

Early Bird for the POTENTIAL+: LIVE Masterclass of 2022 open from 17th January – keep your eye out for the Eventbrite link, don’t miss out!