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Our Positive Workplace Solutions help create flourishing workplaces. Our innovative programs translate scientific research into improved leader, team and staff mental health, wellbeing and performance.  As a result, we significantly boost workplace capability and overall organisational effectiveness.


Why Positive Psychology in Workplaces?

Research shows a clear and positive link between workplace wellbeing and business performance. We know that when an organisation is flourishing:

  • Teams are up to 3 x more productive due to improved goal attainment and productivity.
  • Employees demonstrate greater understanding of and commitment to the organisation’s goals and strategic plan.
  • Individual performance is enhanced and employees are able to learn more effectively, demonstrating higher levels of creativity and innovation.
  • Retention levels are high and employees demonstrate strong levels of engagement.
  • Levels of sick leave and incidents of presenteeism (present but disengaged) drop by up to 30%.
  • The increase in positive emotions and positive experiences at work promote ongoing organisational wellbeing.
  • * Research papers available upon request

Our Approach

Our approach to Positive Workplaces is bespoke. Using a collaborative approach, we systematically and methodically identify the specific needs of the organisation in the planning phase and design tailored solutions.

We are global leaders in synthesising the latest scientific research in optimal human and organisational functioning from the fields of Positive Psychology, Coaching Psychology, Positive Organisational Scholarship and Appreciative Inquiry.

Download our Positive Workplace Services Kit below for more information on our approach to improving your workplace.

Positive Workplaces Services Kit

Our programs are also based on the RAW Model of Flourishing (Green & Palmer, 2019), the 6M Foundations of Flourishing (Green 2019) and the 4C Model of Mental Toughness (Clough, Earle & Sewell, 2002). The RAW model highlights the interplay of resilience, achievement and wellbeing. The 6M Model identifies 6 key pathways or ‘ways to wellbeing’. Each of the six components has been identified in research (and practice) to be key psychological skills required for a flourishing life.

How We Help

Our Positive Workplace Solutions


Our digital workplace wellbeing program for all staff. Learn More

Keynotes and Workshops

Offerings catered to your organisations specific needs. Contact us here for more.

Virtual Learning Sessions

Providing services virtually with a focus on education and application. Contact us here for more.


Bespoke designed consulting services. Contact us here for more.

Executive, Leadership and Wellbeing Coaching

Bespoke developmental and wellbeing coaching. Click here to learn more.


“Overall, engaging The Positivity Institute gave OAIC (The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner) the opportunity to learn and better understand how to apply science-based positive psychology and positive organisational practices in the workplace to support resilience, wellbeing, and staff engagement… Engaging The Positivity Institute has enabled OAIC to pursue its goal to provide as many learning opportunities to its staff so far as practicable, so to better inform what the staff do on the job and outside the workplace, thereby further assisting in enhancing staff engagement, positivity and wellbeing in the workplace.”

Mark Smolonogov , OAIC

“Dr Suzy and her team developed workshops to educate team members, starting with the Executive and People Managers before being rolled out nationally to all team members and tailoring these workshops specifically for our Captain Starlight team. The workshops provided education on the principles of positive psychology and practical tools and strategies to benefit our team – both personally and professionally. In addition, coaching was provided to our People & Culture team over a 12-month period so we could build the capability within Starlight to embed the learnings… Seven years later, positive psychology is well embedded in the Starlight culture. We continue to educate all team members and we have measured the impact of the program. We recognise every day the impact of positivity on our performance, creativity and innovation.”

Louise Baxter, CEO, Starlight Children's Foundation

“By offering an online positive psychology education program (Potential Plus) to every Pabster, we are helping our people through the pandemic, realize their potential, build resilience and alleviate stress…. and help them be at their best more often. Thank you Dr Suzy Green (and my team of Wellness Ambassadors internally) for helping Pabst Brewing Company flourish. These papers show why developing positive psychology practices are so critical and why we continue to put our people’s mental health first.”

Faith Rayns, Pabst Brewing Company

“The Strength Workshop arranged by Positivity Institute is one the best workshop for a newly formed team, it will not only connect each other easily but also help team to have the mindset for looking the bright side.”

Ivan Su, South-East Asia Cluster Medical Director for Oncology, MSD

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