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A Positive Workplace is a powerful thing.

Our Positive Workplace Solutions help create flourishing workplaces, translating scientific research into programs for improved leadership, mental health, wellbeing and performance. The result is boosted workplace capability and overall organisational effectiveness.


Workplace Wellbeing Matters

Research shows that positive workplaces contribute to business performance, boosting morale and helping organisations to flourish. Supporting employees and their mental health has a huge impact on the bottom line and productivity of organisations, with The World Health Organization estimating that depression and anxiety disorders in employees costs $1 trillion per year to the global economy in lost productivity.

At The Positivity Institute, we work with you to provide programs which help your people to feel positive, engaged, and aligned with your overall business mission.

It’s about supporting your people to reach their potential, and creating a sense of belonging and fulfilment through their work contribution. More broadly, it’s about improving organisational psychological health and safety.

Positive Psychology is the science of optimal human functioning – and this is especially important in the workplace. The way we work has shifted dramatically in recent years, with hybrid working, remote teams and virtual interactions, making Positive Workplaces more important than ever.

There are three core challenges for organisations:

  1. The need for a reduction in mental distress, which left unchecked is leading to mental illness and absenteeism.
  2. The call to proactively boost wellbeing in the workplace for optimal functioning and resilience.
  3. The imperative to remain globally competitive through capability and performance building.

So, how should organisations respond?

There are three primary approaches to workplace mental health:

  1. Prevent harm; workplaces actively assessing for psychosocial risk factors.
  2. Mitigate illness; providing support, Employee Assistance Programs and Mental Health First Aid services.
  3. Promote flourishing; equipping staff with key psychological skills to support their own mental health and wellbeing.

This is where The Positivity Institute come in – flourishing is our sweet spot.

Our Approach

Every organisation is different.

At The Positivity Institute, we use research-informed practices to assess your organisation’s needs and create a tailored program for workplace wellbeing. We’ll collaborate with you to understand your team dynamics, your business mission and the overall wellbeing culture of your business.

It’s about taking a proactive approach to supporting positive mental health for your people so they can flourish, and reducing the instances of mental illness, burnout and overwhelm which many modern workplaces struggle with.

Not just a ‘nice to have’

Workplace wellbeing is not just a ‘nice to have’, it makes great business sense. Workplace wellbeing is directly linked to the health of a business’ bottom line, and it can also result in the following benefits:

  • Teams are three times more productive due to improved goal attainment and productivity.
  • Employees have a greater understanding of and commitment to the organisation’s goals.
  • Individual performance is enhanced and employees are able to learn more effectively, demonstrating higher levels of creativity and innovation.
  • Retention levels are high and employees demonstrate strong levels of engagement.
  • Levels of sick leave and incidents of presenteeism are reduced by up to 30%.
  • The increase in positive emotions and positive experiences at work promote ongoing organisational wellbeing.

An expert lens.

We create our Positive Workplaces programs informed by the latest research into optimal human and organisational flourishing, across the fields of Positive Psychology, Coaching Psychology, Positive Organisational Scholarship and Appreciative Inquiry.

So, what could your people achieve if they were allowed to truly thrive?

Let’s find out together.

Our Positive Workplace Solutions

Are you looking to empower your current and emerging leaders to thrive and build thriving teams?

PERFORMANCE + is a Leadership Development and Coaching Program designed to build leadership capacity and individual flourishing in the workplace.

This multi-modal development program is designed to align with the framework and objectives of your organisation, with flexibility to ensure the program is relevant for established leaders, emerging leaders and for female leadership development.

How it works:

PERFORMANCE + is delivered as a group/team training program, with an identified cohort of leadership talent from within your organisation. Over a period of up to one year, this group will engage in education, small group coaching and individual coaching, based on the principles of Positive Psychology, Positive Leadership and workplace flourishing.

As a group we’ll build connection and psychological safety, enabling shared learning, expansion of perspectives and peer support for leadership challenges.

Individually we’ll provide one-on-one coaching, complemented by group/team coaching as a reflective space for leaders to build self-knowledge and a sense of ‘best self’. Throughout the program, we’ll build awareness of how to integrate and embed positive behaviours.

PERFORMANCE + is designed to help your leadership team develop, connect, collaborate and thrive.

Help your leaders unlock their true potential, and build thriving teams.

Talk to us today to discuss PERFORMANCE+

Are you looking for an online wellbeing solution for individuals or teams?

POTENTIAL+ is our digital wellbeing program for all staff to unlock potential, develop performance capability and enhance mental health and wellbeing. Online and self-paced, POTENTIAL+ incorporates Dr. Suzy Green’s 6M Model of Flourishing, based on the science of Positive Psychology.

The six modules consist of video content, practical exercises and additional resources, ideal for teams or groups to work through together using our Team Facilitation Guide, or for individuals to complete at their own pace.

Learn more about POTENTIAL+ today.

How Else We Can Work Together

Keynotes, Workshops & Virtual Learning

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Executive, Leadership & Wellbeing Coaching

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“Overall, engaging The Positivity Institute gave OAIC (The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner) the opportunity to learn and better understand how to apply science-based positive psychology and positive organisational practices in the workplace to support resilience, wellbeing, and staff engagement… Engaging The Positivity Institute has enabled OAIC to pursue its goal to provide as many learning opportunities to its staff so far as practicable, so to better inform what the staff do on the job and outside the workplace, thereby further assisting in enhancing staff engagement, positivity and wellbeing in the workplace.”

Mark Smolonogov , OAIC

“Dr Suzy and her team developed workshops to educate team members, starting with the Executive and People Managers before being rolled out nationally to all team members and tailoring these workshops specifically for our Captain Starlight team. The workshops provided education on the principles of positive psychology and practical tools and strategies to benefit our team – both personally and professionally. In addition, coaching was provided to our People & Culture team over a 12-month period so we could build the capability within Starlight to embed the learnings… Seven years later, positive psychology is well embedded in the Starlight culture. We continue to educate all team members and we have measured the impact of the program. We recognise every day the impact of positivity on our performance, creativity and innovation.”

Louise Baxter, CEO, Starlight Children's Foundation

“By offering an online positive psychology education program (Potential Plus) to every Pabster, we are helping our people through the pandemic, realize their potential, build resilience and alleviate stress…. and help them be at their best more often. Thank you Dr Suzy Green (and my team of Wellness Ambassadors internally) for helping Pabst Brewing Company flourish. These papers show why developing positive psychology practices are so critical and why we continue to put our people’s mental health first.”

Faith Rayns, Pabst Brewing Company

For Accenture, the investment and development of our people is crucial to achieve the outcomes of our Business Strategy. We offer a range a Leadership Development experiences in partnership with the best in class across the market. In 2018 we identified the need to create a new program with a differential from the traditional Leadership Development courses. A program in which we could achieve transformational developmental change, to foster individual flourishing of senior Accenture leaders. We partnered with The Positivity Institute, to support what we call the ‘Elevate Leadership Coaching Program’ based around the science of positive psychology. Through, individual one-on-one coaching, and reflected best-self, we sought to help our people contemplate, experience and learn pathways for improving both performance and wellbeing and achieving best self in the workplace and beyond.

 Since its launch in 2018, the program is continually evolving to incorporate and reflect the key needs of our leads. The Positivity Institute plays a key role advising and driving us on the trends in the field. PI helped us in establishing the foundations of the program and educating our people in the key elements of transformational coaching and coaching psychology. They helped us navigate challenges that an achievement oriented and performance based culture creates by giving people permission to focus on their wellbeing and best self. 

 The result of this engagement is reflected every year in the performance results of our participants, where they feel more empowered and motivated to face their personal and professional challenges. Partnering with the experience and credibility of The Positivity Institute in this journey is a critical point for the success of the ‘Elevate Leadership Coaching Program.”

Accenture, ANZ, Accenture, ANZ

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