Positive Education

Our Positive Education Solutions help all educational communities to flourish, from early childhood to tertiary education.

We’re recognised global leaders in Positive Education with a proven track record in successfully applying the latest scientific research to create positive school cultures.


Positive Education

Positive Education is about helping educational communities to flourish – from early childhood through to tertiary education. Our programs bring together wellbeing and education, to have a positive impact on our wider society.

Rethinking education.

Positive Education helps us to explore the possibilities of education and empowers students, teachers and the community, with the knowledge and resources to live a happy and purposeful life.

It means rethinking education and redefining success, recognising the benefit of helping whole school communities to flourish and develop in a holistic way, beyond purely focusing on academic excellence.

By considering the importance of wellbeing, mindset and attitude, we can proactively respond to the increase in mental illness and stress amongst children and young people today.

Positive Psychology in Education

Positive Psychology in Education is used to help whole school communities discover their strengths and purpose in life.

It takes what we know from Positive Psychology, and applies this to education, to bring out the best in all students, teachers, parents and the extended community.

If you’re looking for new ways to build wellbeing and resilience in your school or education organisation, Positive Education is an evidence-based approach to encouraging and empowering your people.

Our Approach

At The Positivity Institute, we’re leaders in the field of Positive Education, and believe in taking a proactive rather than reactive approach to the mental wellbeing within the whole school community.

We take a bespoke approach to every engagement with have, and will collaborate with you to identify the specific needs of your school.

Our programs are tailored to meet your needs, and we’ll work with you to design a program which brings the best possible benefits to your students and staff.

We base our programs on:

  • The RAW Model of Flourishing – looking at resilience, achievement and wellbeing.
  • The 6M Foundations of Flourishing – looking at 6 pathways to wellbeing for a flourishing life.

Let’s work together to help your students and staff connect with their best selves.


How we help

Our Positive Education Solutions

Keynotes & Webinars

Dr Suzy Green & Senior Associates deliver keynotes across the globe.

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Offerings catered to your specific organisational needs. Contact us to discuss the needs of your team.

Positive Education Consulting

Bespoke designed consulting services. Contact us today to arrange a call.

Leadership Coaching

Collaborative, individualised consulting to inspire leaders to flourish. Contact us here for more.

Student Coaching

Bespoke designed consulting services for students navigating their way through the rigours of school. Contact us here for more.

Pioneers of Positive Education Podcast


In The Pioneers of Positive Education Podcast Series 1-4, Dr Suzy Green speaks with leading consultants, educators, and academics who are passionate about Positive Education. 

Suzy’s expert guests share their experiences, key learnings and recommendations for those already implementing or considering implementing Positive Education in their schools. Learn about their experiences and journeys in creating flourishing students, educators and whole school communities.


Thanks for reminding us all of the learnings we’ve gained in this journey. Equipping our young people and our staff with the skills and attributes to to thrive is not something just tick off our educational lists. It must be enduring, holistic, lived and most importantly, it must be authentic in its aims. Words alone will not carry us through. Thanks again Suzy for all you bring together to remind us of this.

Christine Shaw, Deputy Head and Head of Senior School at Ballarat Grammar

“Thank you for your relentless passion, generosity, and contribution. You and your team continue to make such an impact and the coaching psych addition is another example of your capacity to innovate through practice – as you learn with your partner clients and schools. Awesome.”

David Bott, Associate Director, Institute of Positive Education - Geelong Grammar School

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