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Positive Coaching

Designed to help people flourish.

Underpinned by the science of positive psychology coaching, we work with individuals, groups and teams to create meaningful and sustainable change.

You’re not alone in this.

Whether you’re a team leader, an individual looking for support, or the member of a team, you don’t have to tackle workplace wellbeing on your own.


Mentally healthy workplaces make business sense.

A survey conducted by PwC in 2014 found organisations that implement effective actions to create a mentally healthy workplace, on average, can expect a positive return on investment of 2.3.

So, for every dollar spent on successfully implementing an appropriate action, there is on average $2.30 in benefits to be gained by the organisation.

But knowing where to start can feel hard.

This is where our positive coaching programs come in.

At The Positivity Institute, we’re pioneers in Positive Psychology Coaching. We have perfected our programs to support leadership, create positive workplace culture, improve performance and create systemic change.

Coaching with The Positivity Institute can:

  • Facilitate goal attainment
  • Enhance psychological wellbeing and resilience
  • Reduce depression, stress and anxiety
  • Lead to higher levels of job satisfaction

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Looking for a dynamic, challenging coaching process to make the most of your leadership role?

Our Executive & Leadership Coaching is designed to help you increase your work and life satisfaction, while also leaving a positive legacy and building resilience against stress and burnout.

It’s a proactive way to future-proof your leadership success, while helping you lead by example in embracing workplace wellbeing and mental wellness.

Executive Coaching has been found to increase resilience and reduce depression in the workplace, and our coaching is offered by Masters Level qualified and Registered Psychologists, along with a select number of C-Suite opportunities with our founder, Dr Suzy Green.

Coaching with The Positivity Institute gave me a safe environment to explore goals and priorities and help create an action plan. I was able to get back into a positive headspace about the future.
Coachee of The Positivity Institute, 2021

Wellbeing Coaching

Wellbeing Coaching to boost vitality and wellbeing for your people.

Are you looking to adopt a proactive, effective approach to supporting the mental wellbeing of your team? 

As an employer, you have a duty of care for your people, and proactively supporting mental health can also mean a healthier business bottom line. Workplace Wellbeing Coaching is available for staff at every level of your organisation, and designed to enhance their working life and build mental resilience and a positive work environment.


Why Wellbeing Coaching?

Research shows Wellbeing Coaching with individuals is more likely to lead to people consistently thriving. And companies that provide mental health support through an EAP, as well as wellbeing coaching, found people improved in both wellbeing and performance[1].

Workplace Wellbeing Coaching is available for staff at every level of your organisation, and designed to enhance their working life and build mental resilience and a positive work environment.

Outsourcing your Workplace Wellbeing Coaching to us means your people can enjoy virtual coaching solutions focused on proactive enhancement of individual wellbeing.

You can be confident in the knowledge our Wellbeing Coaching is evidence-based, and proven to be effective.

My coach was very relatable, knowledgeable and facilitated the conversation in such a way that you can discover deep insights into your behaviours and motivations.  She was able to appreciate the complex challenges that corporations pose to our wellbeing. Time with her has been an invaluable experience that I will definitely reflect on for many years to come.

Coachee of The Positivity Institute, 2021

Our three-month virtual program.

At The Positivity Institute, our wellbeing coaching is a proactive, individual, virtual coaching program aiming to boost employee wellbeing and vitality.

A qualified coach will work with each individual to identify wellbeing goals and actions, with the aim of creating a positive uplift in wellbeing within a three-month period.

Over three sessions, we will discover, mobilise and sustain positive change.

How it works.

Our program is designed to create lasting, sustainable wellbeing for your team members, giving them practical tools they can continue to use well beyond the three-month period.

We’ll work with your people to:

Self Awareness

Discover and understand how personal strengths, values and capabilities can be leveraged in the service of wellbeing.

Detailed Plan

Set meaningful wellbeing goals and have written 30, 60 and 90-day action plans.

Manage Challenges

Anticipate and plan for wellbeing obstacles and derailers.

Sustain Wellbeing

Learn skills for self coaching, to self-manage and sustain wellbeing after the coaching finishes.

Program inclusions:

Staff members at any level of your organisation can benefit from our proactive individual coaching.

Our program is delivered virtually, meaning there is no barrier to employee participation, and each session is hosted by one of our qualified Positivity Institute coaches. The program includes:

  • COACHING: Three x 50-55 minute one-on-one sessions with a PI coach (one per month is recommended, or otherwise as agreed)
  • DELIVERY: Virtual coaching sessions for convenience, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, without limitations on geographical location
  • PRE-ASSESSMENTS: Wellbeing, psychological capacity, character strengths, work and personal values assessments fast-track the coaching
  • MATERIALS: Provision of templates and resources to capture learnings, goals, action plans, reflection and self-coaching
  • PLATFORM: Use of secure platforms for streamlined and seamless management and tracking of the entire coaching engagement
  • REPORTING: Organisations receive real-time updates and reports as to the progress and satisfaction of the coaching with their employees

Why Virtual Coaching?

Virtual coaching provides all the benefits of traditional face-to-face coaching, but makes coaching more convenient and cost-effective for you. Using a device of your choice, you and your coach can build rapport and have collaborative coaching conversations.

Zero travel time. Super convenient.

Anyone who is lucky enough to have PI wellbeing coaching will get to know themselves better, will leave every session energised and excited to adopt some new approaches.
Coachee of The Positivity Institute, 2022

Coach Yourself

6 weeks to transform your life with The Positivity Prescription

Evidence-based coaching is now available to all, through Dr Suzy Green’s six-week guided program in her book: The Positivity Prescription.

Based on more than two decades of experience in studying what it takes to be emotionally and mentally well, Dr Suzy Green has turned her life-changing insights into a practical program, informed by the principles of Positive Psychology.

Create transformational and sustainable change to become your best self possible.

While an abundance of books on happiness exist, The Positivity Prescription sorts the wheat from the chaff and includes 20 evidence-based Positivity Practices that will boost your mood and help you live your best life.


Coaching FAQs

What scientific models underpin our wellbeing coaching program?2021-08-17T10:00:29+10:00

1. The “Wellbeing-Engagement Framework” (Grant & Spence, 2009), where a focus on elevated levels of wellbeing and engagement at work result in employees who flourish and perform better.

2. The 6M model of wellbeing and peak performance (Dr Suzy Green, 2019) is based on Positive Psychology – the science of optimal human functioning. These six key psychological strategies have been identified in research and practice to make a significant impact on people’s wellbeing, purpose, positivity, performance and resilience. The various tools and techniques that make up this model have proved to be successful in bringing about individual transformation, positive cultural change and contributing to organisational effectiveness.

How is Wellbeing Coaching different from traditional executive coaching?2021-08-04T01:44:11+10:00

Wellbeing coaching has a primary focus on enhancing wellbeing. It does not have specific workplace performance outcomes on input from leadership. It may be provided to a member of staff or teams as an employee benefit or as a proactive approach to enhance mental health and wellbeing.

How effective is coaching?2021-08-04T02:05:23+10:00

Coaching can facilitate goal attainment, enhance psychological and subjective well-being and resilience, while reducing depression, stress or anxiety. There are also two RCT studies of workplace coaching, with one finding evidence for the effectiveness of coaching on health, life satisfaction, burnout and psychological well-being. There is also some evidence that coaching and mentoring are associated with higher levels of job satisfaction and commitment to the organisation and several small scale pre-post coaching comparisons (without random allocation) showing that coaching may enhance well-being.

What is Positive Psychology Coaching?2021-08-04T02:05:54+10:00

It is evidence-based coaching practice informed by the theories and research of positive psychology for the enhancement of resilience, achievement and well-being (Green & Palmer, 2019).

What is Coaching?2021-08-04T02:06:14+10:00

Coaching is a research-informed, strengths-based, solution-focused, conversation enabling the striving towards personally meaningful goals, and which enhances personal resilience and wellbeing. 

Do I need coaching or counselling?

To find out which coaching approach is best for you or your organisation, complete the form below to book a 15 minute complimentary coaching conversation.

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We don’t provide therapy or counselling, but do provide proactive coaching services to help you create a flourishing life. To locate a psychologist near you, please use this link to Find a Psychologist within Australia.

The Positivity Prescription Testimonials

“Dr Suzy Green’s personal passion for, and her deep understanding of the science and practice of coaching psychology and positive psychology underpin her global reputation as a key leader in the coaching and positive psychology profession. This book distils over 25 years of work and gives us a “prescription” for a life well lived. It’s evidence-based, it’s practical, it’s easy to apply to your life – and it works. There’s no BS here!”

Professor Anthony M Grant, Director, Coaching Psychology Unit, University of Sydney

“Suzy’s wisdom is like chicken soup for the soul. These pages are filled with inspiration, knowledge and guidance to live a richer, more joyful and meaningful life.”

Felicity Harley, Journalist, Author, Founding Editor Women’s Health (Australia)

“The Positivity Prescription is written by one of the most experienced and knowledgeable experts in clinical, coaching, organisation, and positive psychology. It’s a gem of 20 pertinent and practical, science based activities to proactively manage complete mental health – a readable and accessible book for everyone including friends and family.”

Associate professor Aaron Jarden, Centre for Positive Psychology, The University of Melbourne

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