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Dr Suzy Green hosts two of her own podcast series The Positivity Prescription and Pioneers of Positive Education, and is regularly interviewed as an expert guest on various different shows.

COACH+ The Art & Science of Positive Psychology Coaching SERIES 2!

Join Suzy as she continues the conversations with other academics and practitioners who also work in the evolving field of Positive Psychology Coaching.

Latest Episodes

COACH+ The Art & Science of Positive Psychology Coaching with Dr Suzy Green

Join Suzy as she chats with other academics and practitioners who also work in the evolving field of Positive Psychology Coaching. They’ll be looking at the interplay between the complementary fields of Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology within an evidence-based coaching context. Suzy’s aim is to equip practitioners with both knowledge and skills, and most importantly have a positive impact on their “way of being” as Positive Psychology Coaches.

Latest Episodes

The Positivity Prescription with Dr Suzy Green, series 1 & 2

This podcast series is based on Dr Suzy Green’s 6M Model of Flourishing – six core psychological capabilities that decades of research suggest are essential to creating a flourishing life – mood, motivation, might, meaning, mindfulness and mindset. Join Suzy as she speaks with experts from around the globe as they share their experiences and insights, together with practical strategies to proactively improve your mental health and wellbeing.

Latest Episodes

Pioneers of Positive Education with Dr Suzy Green, series 1-4

In this podcast series, Suzy interviews pioneers and leaders in the Positive Education field. Interviewees share their experiences, key learnings and recommendations for those already implementing, or considering implementing positive education in their schools.

Latest Episodes

Latest Podcast Appearances

Well, Hello Anxiety with Dr Jodi Richardson, May 2024.

In this episode, Amplify your wellbeing: A conversation with Dr Suzy Green, Suzy and Jodi discuss what we can all do to significantly improve our individual wellbeing and happiness.

Prime Time with Bec Wilson, April 2024.

In this episode, The Science of Happiness with Dr Suzy Green, Suzy and Bec discuss the key to living a happy life in a formula backed by the science of wellbeing!

Better Thinking with Nesh Nikolic, March 2024.

In her recent interview with Nesh Nikolic on his podcast Better Thinking, Suzy discusses her work involving enhancing mental health outcomes in organisations and schools. Through her lens of the science of positive psychology and coaching psychology, Suzy emphasises the importance of mental wellbeing promotion, over solely addressing mental illness.

The Paul Taylor Podcast, February 2024.

In this wide-reaching discussion, Paul and Suzy chat about how positive psychology can benefit us all.

The Wonders of Wellbeing podcast with Aimee Parkinson, February 2024.

For this Positive Leadership episode, Suzy and Aimee delve into the vital traits of positive leaders in education, exploring their impact on school success. They chatted about how positive leadership can tackle diversity, equity, and inclusion issues, actionable strategies for fostering collaboration and discussed how to manage challenging times with optimism.

Researching Happy with Matt Iasiello, February 2024.

Suzy steps in as a guest on Matt’s podcast Researching Happy and shares valuable insights, chatting about the early days of coaching, how a clinical psychologist differs from a coach, and her experiences of working with the late, great Tony Grant.

Learn with Sue: Walk & Talk, September 2023.

In this episode, An Invitation to Eavesdrop with Dr Suzy Green, Sue and Suzy discuss the developments in the complementary fields of positive and coaching psychology, and what the future of positive psychology might look like.

Clear the Air: with Dr Angela Lim, Staying Positive in the Face of Adversity, September 2023.

It can be hard to stay positive when you are facing adversity, and it can be even harder to learn how to pull yourself out of a rut and start building positivity into your daily life. This session covers how you can stay optimistic and pick yourself up when you are down no matter how big or small your trials are.

Wired for Success: Positive Psychology and Evidence-Based Coaching for Performance & Wellbeing with Dr. Suzy Green, May 2023.

Join scientist and mindset & high-performance coach Claudia Garbutt and clinical psychologist & coaching psychologist Dr. Suzy Green as they talk about mindsets, tools, and strategies that help you thrive. In this episode Claudia and Suzy discuss cultivating a positive mindset, positive psychology & the power of coaching for performance & wellbeing and mental health, social media & technology.

The Association for Coaching: A Solution-Focused Coaching Approach with Dr Suzy Green, April 2023.

In this episode, Suzy shares her integrative approach using positive psychology, solution-focused and strength-based approaches. Learn what solution-focused coaching is in practice and hear it demonstrated in a short live coaching demo. Suzy explains the Hope Theory and why she believes it is integral to coaching. She shares the uses of a strength-based approach and provides a number of solution-focused questions to get you started. A great overview of a powerful coaching approach!

“Just because we are being solution-focused it doesn’t mean we’re not addressing the problem.”

UNLEASH LEARNING TV: How to create personal goals that stick, February 2023.

Dr. Suzy Green is back on Unleash Learning TV with a prescription for you. In this TV episode you’ll find out:

  • How a paper and pen technique can impact your well-being
  • If you should have a friend help you
  • Why you should hold this “lightly” to get the most out of it
  • How to make this technique stick

EQ MINDS: Recharge Your Mental Health with Chelsea Pottenger, January 2023.

‘Optimal Human Functioning at School’  with Dr Suzy Green

In this episode, Suzy shares science-based tools through a positive psychology lens to help you consciously cultivate a more positive mindset. She offers practical ways you can enhance feel-good emotions, and provides tools you can integrate into daily life.

Flourishing at School with Tamara Lechner & Jason van Schie, November 2022.

‘Optimal Human Functioning at School’  with Dr Suzy Green

In this episode, Tamara, Jason and Suzy discuss self-determination theory, the role of coaching in developing wellbeing leadership, and how to create whole school momentum.

Unstress with Dr Ron Ehrlich, September 2022.

‘Workplace Wellness, Burnout and some Positive Solutions’  with Dr Suzy Green

In this episode, Ron and Suzy explore positivity in the workplace, and burnout symptoms and strategies for managing it.

StriveStronger with Andrew May, May 2022.

‘The Science and Power of Optimism’ with Dr Suzy Green

Psych Health and Safety Podcast with Joelle Mitchell and Jason Van Schie, April 2022.

‘When positive psychology is not enough’ with Dr Suzy Green

The Imperfect Us Podcast with Leanne Camilleri & Leesa Downes, April 2022.

‘Thinking Differently with Mental Toughness’ with Dr Suzy Green

Dr Suzy Green on Happiness for Cynics with Marie Skelton, April 2022.

The Happiness for Cynics podcast as we present the latest research on happiness, with a heavy dose of cynicism and a lot of laughs. Join Marie (the cynic) and the always happy Pete on their journey to discover what makes people happy – episode 109 with Dr Suzy Green.

The School of Wellbeing with Meg Durham, December 2021.

‘Wellbeing Goals’ with Dr Suzy Green

This original weekly podcast is for teachers, educators, parents and big-hearted humans like you who are ready to become powerful leaders in the mental health and wellbeing space. Join experienced wellbeing educator, speaker and coach Meg Durham for real-life conversations with a cast of experts. You’ll walk away with practical tools you can use to teach your students how to navigate life’s daily stresses and learn actionable skills you can use to move forward with more courage, compassion and confidence.

“We all have goals, it’s just whether you make them explicit or not.” Dr Suzy Green

The Mentor with Mark Bouris, August 2021.

‘Positivity Institute: Resilience and mental toughness’ with Dr Suzy Green.

Dr Suzy Green and Mark discuss finding your “golden mean” and how to achieve it, resilience and mental toughness and how to create a positive work culture.

Dr Suzy Green & Cass Dunn on Crappy to Happy, February 2021.

Dr Suzy Green joined Cass Dunn on her podcast ‘Crappy to Happy’ to talk about the power of positive psychology to cultivate resilience, deal with life’s challenges and to fulfil your potential. At a time when we’re experiencing global crises, unprecedented changes to the way we live our lives, and ongoing uncertainty about the future, Suzy shares the science of positive psychology and the tools we can all use to help us manage our mood, motivation and mindset.

Unleash Learning TV, January 2021.

‘How to Decrease Student Anxiety During Covid Times ‘ with Dr Suzy Green

If you and your team are noticing an increase in student anxiety and mental health conditions because of COVID, you’re not alone. Dr Suzy Green is a leader in the fields of Positive Psychology and Positive Education and is here to share with you ways to help students decrease their anxiety during and after COVID lockdowns, amongst many other helpful many other helpful strategies. If you’re looking for tips to lower your student anxiety, then this Unleash Learning TV episode is for you.

Beyond the Crucible with Warrick Fairfax, August 2020.

‘The Power of Positive Psychology’ with Dr Suzy Green

Warrick Fairfax interviews Dr Suzy Green to understand what science has to say about learning the lessons of a crucible experience – from reframing what happened to embrace forgiveness – can be an overlooked key to moving past the pain and toward healing and significance.