This is a on-line rolling course, and you can start in any month. The course is made-up of 30 modules and to graduate, you need to complete all 30.

Taught by Dr Itai Ivtzan, Founder, School of Positive Transformation

The Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training Certificate enables individuals to become qualified meditation teachers. It is a highly practical course that has been designed to offer you the knowledge and experience you need to be a competent teacher of meditation.

The course is ideal for individuals already practicing meditation or another yogic discipline, qualified yoga and pilates teachers, alternative therapists, life coaches, health professionals, counsellors, and others who want to expand their practice or career to include meditation teaching, theory, and methods.

Many people join the training course, even though they do not intend to teach, but simply to deepen their practice and knowledge of meditation. This course would enable you to obtain a solid foundation of daily practice so that you could enjoy the many benefits of meditation.

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