Happiness & Its Causes2021 (now being held in March 2022) will be a powerful event, helping to create lasting positive changes in your life, family, community, workplace and in the world beyond. 

Once again, Dr Suzy Green is looking forward to facilitating an in-person post-event workshop and moderating on several event panels. It will be a fun filled, thought provoking experience diving deep into themes such as the kindness revolution, finding meaning in life through reflection and connection, how an appreciation of beauty can enhance our resilience, living with vulnerability, and how to make ‘being human’ easier in tough times. 

A key focus will be on how to close the gap between our good intentions and our actual behaviour so we can enhance happiness, health and wellbeing for ourselves and others, and help to make the world a better place.   

Happiness & Its Causes will be run as a hybrid conference, so you can choose to attend in person or watch the event livestreamed.

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