The Positivity Institute are extremely proud to have partnered with FlourishDx.

While promoting flourishing is our sweet spot, we acknowledge the importance of implementing an integrated approach to mental health in the workplace. When it comes to wellbeing at work, FlourishDx is one of the very best tools available to HR professionals to help prevent harm.

FlourishDx is designed to help businesses build a better, healthier workplace environment and promotes employee wellbeing across the board. It focuses on the basic principles of risk management that any business will be familiar with and at its core is a high level of consultation that engages your whole organisation.

This is not a tick-box exercise for businesses.

FlourishDx is a genuine, concerted effort to get things right for your employees. It fulfils your duty of care under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 as well as the Health and Safety Regulations of 1999. It is the only tool on the market that takes a detailed look at workplace risk factors such as workload and autonomy and assesses the severity, frequency, and duration of these on staff wellbeing.

The basic package is free for up to 12 employees, enabling them to experience the benefits and the ease of use.

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As much as FlourishDx is a comprehensive and detailed package it’s also user-friendly and convenient. It promotes employee well-being and resilience and helps those who have encountered mental health issues to bounce back.

It also supports reducing the stigma that often surrounds workplace illness and stress as we operationalise wellbeing.

FlourishDx is a high-end training resource that can be delivered conveniently online or blended in with more traditional learning. It features high-quality content in bite-sized chunks, making it easy to digest for everyone within your organisation. It even assigns training, monitors progress and issues notifications via email or through your mobile.

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Better still, this package makes well-being accessible any time of the day or night via a mobile app that features plenty of video content, guided meditations, well-being surveys and even mood tracking.

Without a doubt FlourishDx can be a huge help to the well-being of your staff and best of all the basic package is free for up to 12 employees, enabling them to experience the benefits and the ease of use.

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