In the lead up to the COACH+ Workplace Coaching Summit, panelist Audrey McGibbon shares her latest musings in a guest post for The Positivity Institute.

Audrey is the Founder and CEO of EEK & SENSE, an independent research, assessment and advisory firm who are at the intersection of leadership, culture and wellbeing. She is a Chartered Occupational & Registered Psychologist with over 30 years public and private sector specialist experience in Australia, UK and across the Asia Pacific. Audrey’s vision is of a world where employers, leaders and employees have together eradicated all of the avoidable wellbeing and burnout risks which fall under their joint control. 

Elevating Leadership Wellbeing: Coaching through a new era of psychosocial health complexities in organisations. September 2023. 

‘Leader wellbeing’ is my sweet spot – what it is; who or what controls and influences it; how to measure, develop and sustain it, and why it matters. As a Chartered Occupational Psychologist / Registered Psychologist and executive coach, I work with senior leaders and their teams – day in and day out – and have done for three decades.

There’s much for me and my profession yet to learn, but this much I do know to be true – leaders can only improve workplace and employee wellbeing when they themselves are experiencing four essential conditions…

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