Happiness & Its Causes

Over an unforgettable two days, speakers and attendees will engage in an enriching dialogue as we explore the many and varied causes for a happy and fulfilling life. Be informed and uplifted by some of the world’s brightest minds in psychology, [...]

Happiness & Its Causes2023-08-28T16:08:13+10:00

Adam Grant Live

WORKLIFE REIMAGINED: BUILD THRIVING TEAMS & TRANSFORM CULTURE Be part of an inspiring conversation led by Adam Grant, the trailblazing organizational psychologist and bestselling author. Transform your workplace into a hub of creativity and collaboration.  Learn from the mastermind [...]

Adam Grant Live2023-10-26T11:35:08+11:00

Accredited Certificate in Integrative Coaching

The School of Positive Transformation Would you like to help others change their behaviour, their mindset, their whole life for the better? Are you passionate about supporting people in transforming themselves, their families, their communities? If so, then join [...]

Accredited Certificate in Integrative Coaching2023-10-24T14:06:23+11:00

Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training

This is a on-line rolling course, and you can start in any month. The course is made-up of 30 modules and to graduate, you need to complete all 30. Taught by Dr Itai Ivtzan, Founder, School of Positive Transformation [...]

Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training2023-10-24T14:11:08+11:00

PPP Certificate

2021 Positive Psychology Practitioner Certificate The School of Positive Transformation: Transformation in action This is a 12 month on-line rolling course, and you can start in any month. The course is made-up of 12 modules and to graduate, you need [...]

PPP Certificate2023-10-24T14:12:10+11:00

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