Case Stories

Accenture ANZ engaged The Positivity Institute to co-design, implement and evaluate a bespoke, innovative Leadership Development and Coaching program which aligned with the company’s purpose, strategic initiatives and their existing Leadership DNA, Performance Achievement and Truly Human internal models.

In 2012, as a key strategy to support wellbeing and resilience, an organisational commitment was made to educate the Starlight People Team in the science of positive psychology. Partnering with The Positivity Institute and honouring the aim to create a sustainable culture of well being and resilience, we fostered the development of POSITIVITY@STARLIGHT, a bespoke program providing the People & Culture team support in engaging in activities and learnings to live a flourishing life. The POSITIVITY@STARLIGHT program founded during this partnership, alongside Positive Leadership workshops and Wellbeing Coaching remain a critical element of onboarding and the full employee experience at Starlight.

BCCWA already had a committed and engaged team, a positive workplace culture and a continuous improvement mindset. When Covid-19 hit in March 2020, leadership proactively looked for ways to keep the team connected and aligned, and to build resilience and promote wellbeing during a period of prolonged physical distancing and disruption. They sought to redress a balance of positivity from the pervasive negativity of the pandemic, and help their people cope with an uncertain period ahead.