Psychological Literacy: A VUCA world key capability

As a psychologist, I’m passionate about helping people be better human beings. This involves helping them to make sense of psychological science to determine the most helpful ways of being or doing that will allow them to thrive. That is to reduce the chances [...]

Toxic Positivity: Helpful or Harmful?

Over the past 12 months I’ve become aware of the term “toxic positivity”. I’ve noted its increasing usage, especially as clickbait. While I believe I understand what’s behind the term and what’s driving it, I’m not convinced that it’s completely [...]

There’s more to say (AND DO!) after RU OK?

Tomorrow is RU OK Day here in Australia (and World Suicide Prevention Day). This year I was delighted to see in the marketing campaign additional encouragement and support about what to say next if someone isn’t feeling well. Here’s a [...]

Beyond The Gym! Well-Being @ Work

Well-Being @ Work Last week I spoke at the Work 2.0 Conference on Positive Leadership and the impact of applying the science of Positive Psychology at Work. Many of you know I’ve rabbiting on about this for years! And it [...]

The Science and Practice of Positive Psychology for Educators

The Emergence of Positive Education I'm fortunate to have been involved in, and been witness to, the emergence of Positive Education in Australia. My first engagement with schools began in 2005 when I conducted a randomised controlled trial on evidence-based [...]

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