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Coaching for Neurodiversity: Part 3

My colleague Rebecca Kornmehl and I recently published two Linked In articles on “Coaching for Neurodiversity - Parts 1 and 2” - which you can read here. We hope you enjoy Part 3, our last article in this series, where I [...]

Coaching for Neurodiversity: Part 32023-05-18T11:48:58+10:00

Coaching for Neurodiversity: Part 2

Late last year I co-authored an article with my colleague and University of Sydney Coaching Masters student Rebecca Kornmehl on Coaching for Neurodiversity: Part 1. We had a really positive response to this article (which you can read here) and we’d [...]

Coaching for Neurodiversity: Part 22023-05-16T11:44:17+10:00

Coaching for Neurodiversity: Part 1

This year I’ve been contacted by several large organisations wanting to know whether we (The Positivity Institute) offer solutions to help tap the benefits of neurodiversity in the workplace, as well as coaching services for neurodivergent individuals. After a quick [...]

Coaching for Neurodiversity: Part 12022-12-19T13:02:29+11:00


Our friends at People Diagnostix and FlourishDx are pleased to bring you The Psych Health and Safety Conference (PHS Con) - the first annual event, hosted by the same people who bring you the ‘Psych Health and Safety podcast’. The [...]


The Emergence of the Mental Health Officer: Fad or Future?

For a few years now I’ve seen the emergence of corporate roles and associated job titles specifically for mental health, wellbeing and even purpose. This week on Instagram, “The Australian” newspaper posted “Australia Post has appointed a Mental Health Chief”, [...]

The Emergence of the Mental Health Officer: Fad or Future?2022-12-19T12:40:45+11:00

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